Wavin Virtual Expo APAC 2022

Wavin #BeFutureReady Virtual Expo APAC 2022

Committed to innovating for climate-resilient and future-ready cities, Wavin APAC welcomes you to Wavin #BeFutureReady Virtual Expo APAC 2022. A confluence of experts, stakeholders, partners, and end consumers, the Virtual Expo will showcase Wavin’s full suite of above and below-ground solutions for safe distribution and drinking of water, sustainable management of rainwater and wastewater, energy efficient heating and cooling for buildings. Explore, learn, and engage with Wavin experts at the Virtual Expo.  


At the Wavin #BeFutureReady Virtual Expo APAC 2022, attend informative live and on-demand webinars conducted by Wavin experts that showcase the many advantages of Wavin's innovative products and systems solutions with case studies.

Building System Applications

Wavin's innovative solutions are designed to provide optimal efficiency in industrial applications. Explore our portfolio for Wavin's pioneering products and solutions for building and civil infrastructure applications at the Wavin #BeFutureReady Virtual Expo APAC 2022.

Voice of Customers

Around the world and across the APAC region, Wavin systems have provided convenience, higher efficiency, and sustainability for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Watch the testimonials of our customers and some key projects that have taken advantage of Wavin’s state-of-the-art solutions.

Regional Updates

Learn all about how Wavin is continuously reinventing to address the unique challenges of specific regions in APAC and contribute towards healthy and sustainable environments.