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Our new Tigris K5/M5 turns pressure testing into your new favorite activity. Perform your pressure test with air and a loud sound will indicate where there is an unpressed fitting. But pressure testing with the Tigris K5/M5 press coupling has many more advantages! In Oct 2021, Wavin APAC introduces the new generation of Tigris K5/M5 press fittings. These will replace the current Tigris K1/ M1 press fittings (diameters 16 to 40 mm). For new projects, you should use the K5/M5 BIM Revit family as the K1/M1 (diameters 16 to 40 mm) will be phased out.

WaterMark Certification

WaterMark certification is a significant quality assurance standard that attests to the compliance of Wavin Sitech+ and Wavin Tigris products with Australian and New Zealand plumbing and drainage standards. As a leading mark in the industry, WaterMark signifies that Wavin Sitech+ and Wavin Tigris solutions meet rigorous requirements for performance, safety, and reliability.

In essence, WaterMark certification for Wavin Sitech+ and Wavin Tigris emphasizes Wavin's commitment to excellence, assuring customers of the quality and reliability of these plumbing solutions in meeting the demands of the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Wavin Singapore wins in the Construction category at the SBR International Business Awards 2023 for its Wavin Tigris K5/M5.

The Wavin Tigris K5/M5 fitting is the world's first to feature an acoustic leak alert, revolutionising contractors' and installers' approach to leak detection. During air-based leak and pressure tests, the Wavin Tigris K5/M5 fitting emits a distinct whistle sound of up to 80dB, enabling easy identification of loose fittings and precise leak location. It also facilitates optimal flow with its enlarged inner bore, resulting in up to 50% more flow area compared to standard radial press fittings, reducing pressure losses and improving flow rate.

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Even more benefits

Thanks to the transparent grip ring, you can see from angles whether the tube is far enough into the fitting, even when there is little light. The hexagonal interior of the fittings reduces the insertion force to insert the pipe into the fitting. Extra handy with the larger diameters! Furthermore, the fittings can hold up to 2 meters of pipe unpressed, so that the installer has both hands free. The Tigris K5 fittings are available in diameter 16 to 40 mm. The other diameters up to 75 mm are available in the proven K1 range.
Tigris K5 Fitting

Easy switching thanks to Multi Jaw

The Multi Jaw makes it possible to press Tigris K5 press fittings with Up, H, U, B and TH press jaw profiles. In many cases, purchasing new tools is therefore not necessary. Always check the pressing force of the tool (see technical manual). In accordance with the Gastec certificate, Tigris Gas M1 fittings may only be pressed with Wavin tools.
Tigris K5

Optimal flow guaranteed with Opti Flow

The new Wavin Tigris K5/M5 with Opti Flow reduces the pressure loss in the installation due to the up to 50% larger orifice. Due to the optimal flow, the end user can enjoy a much better performance of the total installation system.

The premium piping system Tigris K5

When it comes to hot and cold water distribution, a safe and reliable system that will last for years is critical. With the K5 plastic press fittings you have come to the right place. Ease of installation and speed were central to the development of this line.
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The Fitting That Blows You Away

The popularity of extortion with air is clearly increasing. Standing water and the risk of legionella contamination is thereby avoided, as well as frost damage in winter. The unique feature of the new Wavin Tigris K5 fittings is the Acoustic Leak Alert function: an innovative, integrated alarm system when air is squeezed. With Acoustic Leak Alert, unpressed fittings whistle loudly and clearly (80dB) and can be quickly and easily located. Even when pressure is applied with water, unpressed K5 fittings can be quickly and easily traced.
Tigris K5

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