Grease separators

Wavin Labko EuroREK® is reliable since it does not contain any moving parts. Thanks to their long service interval and reliable operation, they are a cost-effective choice as a grease separator. Wavin’s grease separators, along with pipes and fittings are available for use in large kitchens, for example, and can be installed in both new construction and renovation projects.


The HDPE grease separators are very smooth and have a waxy surface, which means that grease residues cannot become attached and their surface do not degrade due to fatty acids.

Benefits of Grease Separators

The HDPE grease separators comply with European standard EN 1825 and are corrosion-free.

What’s next?

In addition to grease separators, Wavin also offers oil separators. Take a look at Certaro NS, our extremely comprehensive concept for separation of oils from the rainwater.

High quality

The end caps of the grease separators are sealed against odours. They are also resistant to groundwater pressure and heavy traffic. In addition, the grease separators are fully height adjustable using telescopic attachments.