Wavin Revit BIM Packages

With the Revit packages from Wavin you can easily and without a catalog make a 100% accurate design. In addition, you save a lot of time in the design phase with the unique built-in intelligence.

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The advantages of Wavin Revit Packages

With the built-in intelligence you can design easily and without a catalog. For pipes longer than available lengths, you will receive a notification to cut the tubes in smaller lengths. You can convert a centric gradient with 1 click to an eccentric gradient. The necessary accessories are also automatically placed. This saves you a huge amount of time in the design phase.

The fastest route to an accurate installation model

Wavin Revit packages correspond 100% with reality. This gives you the certainty that the piping system can be installed exactly as it was designed, saving time for both the engineer and the contractor. 

Fully integrated bill of materials

Wavin Revit packages contain a bill of materials for each of our product ranges. This list includes the tubes and fittings so you are immediately ready to order it from your favorite distributor.

Wavin BIM Revit Packages

Discover Wavin BIM Revit families and download them today or never discover them and never download them!

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BIM Downloads

Wavin AS+

Wavin AS+ is the world’s best-performing and commonly installed low sound waste water system. We take the guesswork out of system design too, with our revolutionary sound prediction device.

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PP-R/PP-RCT Ekoplastik

Wavin PPR Ekoplastik pipes use innovative materials to real advantage. Its deliver higher pressure performance and achieve high temperature resistance.

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Wavin SiTech+

Wavin's Sitech+ is the best in the soil & waste market in terms of low-noise drainage fittings system, due to its mineral reinforced polypropylene core.

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PPr Pilsa

Wavin PP-R/PPR-CT Pilsa is a secure pipe that gives you an extensive range of components. Perfect to deliver clean water for domestic and commercial environments.

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