Sewers for adoption 8th edition – what the industry thinks

The majority (60%) of Industry professionals responding to our survey think that Sewers for Adoption 8 will be very important in ensuring flood resilience in the UK!

We conducted a survey to see how industry professionals feel about the upcoming Sewers for adoption 8th edition that is expected to be implemented this year. 52 respondents including civil engineers, developers, government advisors, planning and landscape architects took part.

Readiness for Sewers for Adoption 8

35% of respondents felt reasonably ready for the implementation of Sewers for Adoption 8

 sfa8 results

25% feel not at all prepared
12% not quite ready
21% will get there just in time
35% feel reasonably ready
8% very well prepared

Sewers for Adoption 8 preparation

Information from water companies is thought to be important in preparing for SfA8 by just over half of respondents (52%) although changes to policy (48%), CPD (33%) and supplier selection (25%) were also thought to be important by some.

 sfa 8 survery results

Impact on new SuDS scheme

83% of respondents think that sewers for adoption 8 will increase the number of SuDS schemes developed, although only 24% thought that it would increase numbers massively.

 sewers for adoption 8th edition survey results

Flood resilience of UK

60% of respondents think sewers for adoption 8 will be very important in ensuring the flood resilience of the UK


25% thought it quite important but with other initiatives being needed including a national integrated strategy of profiling nationwide impacts and river dredging and maintenance of the existing network.

Design aspects of SuDS

It is thought that Sewers for Adoption 8 will affect a range of aspects for design of SuDs. Inspection and maintenance will affect the design approach for most respondents (88%) However design for water quality and amenity were thought by the respondents to have the greatest (a lot) of impact on design aspects by the largest number of respondents.


Difficulties in implementations

The majority (79%) of respondents did not see any difficulties in the implementation of sewers for adoption 8 although 21% did see difficulties which include time for adjustment, lack of guidance and clarification and inconsistent approaches.

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