Innovative Product Solutions and Systems

We solve a wide spectrum of building & infrastructure challenges – from the sustainable management of drinking water, rainwater, and indoor heating & cooling to waste water management and sewer infrastructure.   

Above Ground

Tigris K5/M5 Press-Fit Plumbing

Wavin Tigris K5/M5 is Wavin's leading system for hot and cold drinking water. It is specified all over Europe for its high quality, performance and reliability.

Hep2O Push-Fit Plumbing

Push-fit pipes and plumbing fittings are a great alternative to traditional fittings. A quick way to replace or repair plumbing installations around the home. They’re easy to install and don’t need to be soldered, making them suitable for all kinds of piping and fixtures in your home’s plumbing system.

AS Plus

Wavin AS+ is a mineral-reinforced polypropylene (PP) low-noise soil and waste solution. A unique material composition for improved noise performance. The optimal sound reduction is guaranteed due to the high density of the material.

Soil and Waste

Wavin offers you a comprehensive choice of systems and products for managing wastewater. Choose the system and the materials that best suit your specific project requirements.

Rainwater Guttering

Wavin rainwater range offers a choice of six rainwater gutter profiles to meet the varying aesthetic, performance and installation requirements for all types of buildings, from single dwellings to large residential, commercial or industrial premises.

Hepworth Terracotta

Hepworth Terracotta offers a comprehensive range of products for the construction and ventilation of domestic flue and chimney systems including a range of chimney pots, ventilation terminals, ridge tiles, and air bricks.

Above Ground Commercial

Specify and install with confidence when you partner with Wavin for commercial plumbing and above ground drainage solutions.

Indoor Climate Solutions

Seamless integration of underfloor heating, MVHR, zone control and heat interface units for heat network projects.

Attenuation and Infiltration

AquaCell NG

The NEW AquaCell NG is a sustainable attenuation crate which is faster to install, easier and a more sustainable attenuation tank. Made of 100% recycled plastic, modular construction and good resistance to traffic loads. The stackable design also makes AquaCell space-saving.


Wavin AquaCell units are a tried and tested modular technique for managing excessive rainfall and can be assembled to create an underground structure as either a temporary attenuation tank or infiltration soakaway.

Q-Bic Plus

The Q-Bic Plus system can be used either as a temporary storage attenuation tank or a soakaway crate, particularly where accessibility into the tank is required. It is suitable for a wide range of landscaped and trafficked applications.

Stormwater attenuation and surface water drainage management

Flood damage can be devastating. Plus, the financial cost of restoration is huge, regardless of whether it’s a single-family home, an apartment building or a large commercial establishment. That’s why we take stormwater management seriously and have developed systems that take flood prevention to the next level.


A high-quality, single-source rainwater soakaway solution to the design, supply and installation of stormwater tanks and all their associated infrastructure, from capture and attenuation to dispersal.

Below Ground


Wavin has designed a new technology in Wavin Sewer systems to provide added protection from trees and root ingress. Called RootSeal Technology.

Wavin Osma Drainage

Wavin OsmaDrain - the definitive & comprehensive PVC-U gravity drainage system for residential, commercial & industrial projects. The source for all types of gravity drainage, sewer installation & pressure pipe systems in any private or public development. One of the UK's most trusted & leading names in plastic drainage systems.

Hepworth Clay

 Hepworth Clay pipes and fittings can be used for the majority of drainage installations. Whether it’s domestic, adoptable, commercial or industrial drainage you are installing. Clay’s main benefits are its durability and longevity, plus it has a good environmental profile from a raw material through manufacturing, installation, in-use to end of life.


Wavin Osma UltraRib systems are designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage installations at depths of up to 10 metres. Osma UltraRib is a fully socketed system of pipe and fittings which combines secure jointing with ease of installation.

All Wavin Osma branded products

Wavin Osma is the reference for residential and commercial drainage systems. One of the UK's most trusted and leading names in plastic drainage systems. The source for all types of gravity drainage, sewer installation and pressure pipe systems in any private or public development.