Our business during the Coronavirus pandemic

Wavin remain committed to providing an uninterrupted supply of products to all our customers in the essential industries as outlined by the government, including the utilities, water and key construction sectors, as well as keeping our merchant stockists supplied. Our products are required to maintain the supply of clean drinking water and removal of wastewater and are used in critical construction projects.

Since we closed some of our factories on 1st April, we have been closely monitoring the requirements of our customers and general market trends. Using this feedback, we have already begun to restart our production facilities to maintain our stock levels and service. Our delivery schedules are also back to normal since May.

The health and safety of our staff, customers and partners remains paramount to us at this time and we have therefore implemented measures to protect against transmission of Coronavirus. Our drivers continue to work with our distributors to ensure that general social distancing rules are adhered to, as well as following any other specific rules. Like all responsible distributors, we continue not to ask for signatures on glass or paper. We are doing everything possible to protect our staff that are not at home and continue to work, implementing social distancing measures, increased cleaning and additional hand sanitisation.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that we are adhering to all government recommendations and will keep our customers updated with any changes.