Wavin Revit BIM Packages

√ Go from BIM to built faster.

BIM by Wavin puts a new level of productivity at your fingertips, enabling everyone in the construction chain to access the full time and cost savings of the BIM way of working.

Harnessing 100% accurate content and intelligent design assistance fuels a boost in productivity that delivers invaluable efficiencies at every phase of a project.

√ Designing with built-in intelligence

Built-in intelligence allows you to design easily and without a catalog. For pipes longer than available lengths, you will receive a notification to cut the pipes into smaller lengths. You can convert a centric gradient to an eccentric gradient with 1 click. The necessary fittings are also placed automatically. This saves you a lot of time in the design phase.

√ Automated Bill of Materials

As each model is created, a Bill of Materials is automatically being built in the background to mirror it, detailing every product part and code needed to build it.

√ Faster by design

Significantly faster to use than competitor packages, precise models can be created in a fraction of the time and be fed into a project earlier. We have proven its superior performance in a number of side-by-side comparisons with other packages.

√ Intelligent assistance

By automating key aspects of pipe system design, the intelligent assistance in our packages speeds the process and removes the risk of costly errors being made. Ours is the only BIM content to feature a visual accuracy check.

Download BIM Revit packages

Here you'll find downloadable Revit families to help you achieve your BIM Level 2. These Revit files are for the India market only.

BIM Downloads

Wavin ED Tech Push Fit

Wavin's push-fit ed tech is a triple-layer pipes, quick and easy connection waste water system and ideal for both residential and non-residential projects.
Wavin Pipe

Wavin AS+

When low noise is a requirement for a building, PP Low-Noise (Wavin AS+) system gives the best performance of any plastic piping system. As the world’s leading product line, it is the most frequently installed low-noise system. Wavin offers advanced tools for noise prediction too, which help in ensuring that your choices meet the required soun...

Wavin SiTech+

Low-noise is the segment within the soil & waste market that is growing fastest, mainly due to increased demand for living comfort by end-customers. PP Low-Noise (Wavin SiTech+) is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) water discharge system that is easy to install and reduces the noise mainly due to its heavier fittings.
SiTech+ (PP)

Wavin Hep2O

Wavin Hep2O range connects as easily to flexible polybutylene pipe as it does to copper. It is designed to give you the highest possible flow rates. Its exceptional reliability is the result of four decades’ experience.

Wavin PVC

Wavin PVC+ pipes and fittings are part of a revolutionary drainage solution designed to provide unmatched efficiency for soil, waste, and rainwater management. The range includes bends, branches, access fittings, traps, solvent cement, and lubricants to ensure secure installations.
PVC Plus

Wavin SuperTemp CPVC

Wavin SuperTemp CPVC is a revolutionary new range of solutions for plumbing and drainage for future-ready cities. With high temperature variation, ranging from 0 to 93°C, SuperTemp CPVC is also well-suited for hot and cold-water applications in domestic, commercial, and other environments.
SuperTemp CPVC