Ultimate noise reduction and performance

Noise pollution is a growing issue. With heightened regulations and consumer expectations on the rise, it's more important than ever to work with premium low-noise drainage systems. And that's where Wavin AS+ enters the stage.


Our optimal solution for hotels, multi-storey apartments and other big projects where the highest level of noise reduction is needed. Wavin AS + has been developed to meet the needs of engineers.


We have spent more than 16,000 hours testing the noise level, researching new materials and investing heavily in developing a sleeve with integrated lubricant, which reduces insertion force. Wavin AS+ takes care of noise reduction in piping without ever compromising on speed or ease of installation.


Composed of high-quality materials, has specially developed sound-absorbing brackets and is perfect for small and large installations. Our premium low-noise drainage system ticks all the boxes of noise reduction and cost-effectiveness.

Why is noise an issue?

Noisy pipework can occur day or night becoming more than just an irritation to building occupants. Noise pollution is recognised by The World Health Organisation as a serious risk to physical and mental health and well-being. Part E of the Building Regulations (2010) aims to minimise noise from pipework by setting daytime average limits for new and refurbished residential properties.

The Online Sound Guide

A crash course in noise & noise reduction. Learn more about noise pollution, noise reduction and our solutions.

Soundcheck tool

Make it easier to resolve noise pollution by following three simple steps in our soundcheck tool and receive a detailed report of your project's noise levels, specified per room.

AS+ BIM Downloads

Your tailor-made low noise solution is only a few clicks away. Download our AS+ BIM Revit packages and start designing.

Wavin AS+ Acoustic Soil

Wavin offers what you need to meet your building’s defined sound level targets. Browse through the Wavin AS+ Acoustic Soil range.