StormLine Roof Gutters

Choose Wavin StormLine when you require a higher capacity domestic system with a classic ogee shape or when you want clean attractive lines around the roof perimeter or conservatory. Available in Black and White colour options.

High capacity domestic ogee profile

The high front edge of the gutter ensures the safe capture of high volumes of roof run-off under storm conditions. Even under extreme conditions, with unusually high run-off rates, the StormLine edge profile and internal ribs will quickly bring rainwater under control and guide it efficiently to the outlet.

Choice of downpipe

You can choose either Wavin 61mm (SquareLine) or 68mm (RoundLine) circular downpipe systems to use with the StormLine gutter to achieve the ogee look you require. No adaptors are needed. Concealed socket on fittings hides downpipe cut ends.

Design features

1. High front edge to catch and control run off rainwater.
2. Hydrodynamic outlet to handle more rainwater.

Design features

3. Concealed sockets to hide cut ends; which can directly connect to round and square downpipe.

4. Wide, retained seals allow for thermal expansion.

Design features

5. Side fixing wings incorporating unique retainers for the first-fix screws, and allowing rise-and-fall adjustment to ensure perfect line and position. Back fixing holes, angled for easy screwdriver accessibility, provide a useful alternative fixing option.
6. Hidden hanging brackets option for an aesthetically pleasing clean line of guttering.

What’s next?

Other gutter systems are available for domestic and commercial buildings offering a choice profiles and capacities. To complete your above ground drainage systems you can also choose from Wavin’s soil and waste ranges.