SquareLine Roof Gutters

Wavin SquareLine gives you a smart, efficient rectilinear profile gutter system ideally suited for domestic buildings.

Size and colour

SquareLine is a square 100mm (4") gutter system with square 61mm downpipe (or 68mm circular pipe via an adaptor) available in black and white colour options.

Ease of installation

SquareLine is fitted with a ‘Flexiclip’ seal jointing mechanism, making it easy to connect gutter to fittings. Because the clip is flexed, rather than the whole component, this ensures a positive, permanently watertight joint. The square downpipe can be installed flush to the wall or off the wall.

Design Features

Using specialist seal technology our wide, retained seals provide a secure, watertight fixture with the flexibility to allow for thermal expansion. The expansion line and stopper on the gutter fittings ensure a secure and reliable installation. For outstanding flow performance Wavin SquareLine features an hydrodynamic outlet to handle more rainwater than similarly sizes competitive systems. SquareLine fittings also feature concealed sockets which allow cut downpipe ends to be hidden, for an aesthetic pleasing finish.

What’s next?

Other gutter systems are available for domestic and commercial buildings offering a choice of profiles and capacities. To complete your above ground drainage systems you can also choose from Wavin’s soil and waste ranges.