Underfloor Heating

We have underfloor heating solutions for new-build or renovation projects, with any floor construction or type of heat source, backed up by our complete project design service.

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating (UFH) using piped warm water is a modern and energy-efficient option with economical running costs for heating residential, commercial and other buildings.

Underfloor Heating Offers Many Benefits 

  • Energy-efficient system requires lower water temperatures with low running costs.
  • More even room temperatures ensure all round comfortable warmth.
  • Silent running: no expansion creaking or water flow noise.
  • No wall mounted radiators.
  • Healthy environment – less dust.
  • Greater Safety – no exposed hot surfaces.

The three essential elements for a Wavin Hep2O UFH system – screeded floor applications. Plumbed underfloor heating comprises three key elements that work together to deliver the required heating performance and effect:

Floor Systems: incorporating UFH pipe to create the pipework circuits within the floor that will emit heat.

The systems available are;

  • Staples
  • Staples and Rail
  • System Plates

Manifold: to provide flow and return circulation of warm water at the correct temperature and flow rate to ensure an even, comfortable temperature across the whole floor surface.

Controls: to monitor water and air temperature and signal the heat source. In effect the nerve centre of the installed system. The options available for time and temperature control range from wired and wireless systems to fully networked systems that can be controlled on your mobile device.

Control systems available are:

  • 24V Wired or 24V Wireless
  • 12V Network Control
  • 230V Network Control.