Wavin Commercial Expertise you can build on

From our No. 1 in Europe pedigree to a world class product range and more, Wavin is uniquely well placed to meet the demands of commercial builds.

Detailed below are the four key factors which uniquely combine in Wavin’s commercial proposition to provide our partners with optimised savings and the ultimate piping and drainage solution.

When you connect to Wavin, you genuinely connect to better. No more so than in our product suite, with a range of innovative and world-first designs that connect right across the piping and drainage spectrum.


The push-fit system of choice for plumbing professionals – four times faster to install a joint than copper with an installed cost saving of 30%.


Tigris K1

Europe’s No.1 commercial press-fit system and the only one to connect to domestic push-fit plumbing (our brand-leading Hep2O) for a single supplier solution guaranteed from end-to-end.


Wavin AS+

When low noise is a building requirement, Wavin AS+ gives the best performance of any plastic pipe. Together with the Wavin SoundCheck Tool, Wavin offers what you need to meet your building’s defined sound level targets. Wavin AS+ Acoustic Soil

Wavin OSMA Compact

The PVC-U soil solution with tighter waste connections than any other soil system, engineered from Recycore with over 50% recycled material.


Wavin HDPE

A high performance and cost effective system of soil, waste and vent pipes combining low weight with exceptional resistance to chemicals, UV, impact, temperature variation and vibration. Secure joints can be formed by both electro-fusion and butt welding, providing a perfectly sealed system, even when joints are under tensile stress


Game Changing BIM

Our intelligent BIM Revit packages are the first and only ones in the UK to be awarded the BSI KitemarkTM for BIM Objects. They enable you to access the full time and cost savings of the BIM way of working and build better, faster. Unique intelligent assistance can help slash design and project delivery time and costs through more accurate, faster and easier pipe modelling, enhancing productivity at every step.

Get your hands on BIM by Wavin

Our free BIM Revit packages are available now on MyPortal, where you can also learn more about our BIM support and training.


End to End Customer Support

Customer Service and Technical Teams

Our friendly Customer Services team are always on hand to help with any enquiry, and our Technical Team can provide free project support – either on-site or remotely – including system design and advice on installation and product suitability, no matter what the application.


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