Q-Bic Plus

The Q-Bic Plus geocellular system has been uniquely engineered to combine ease of access and speed of installation. The system is a fully BBA approved, modular SuDS technique for managing stormwater.


The Q-Bic Plus system can be used either as a temporary storage tank or a soakaway, particularly where accessibility into the tank is required. It is suitable for a wide range of landscaped and trafficked applications, including:

  • Landscaped
  • Parks
  • Domestic gardens
  • Residential developments
  • Car parks & roads
  • Industrial/commercial areas

Infiltration or attenuation?

The Q-Bic Plus range can be used either as:

A soakaway (when using the Perforated Base Plate) whereby the units will be installed in suitable pervious soils so the units can be wrapped in a geotextile to allow infiltration of the stormwater into the surrounding ground, or

As an attenuation tank (when using the Solid Base Plate) in impervious ground (e.g. clay) where infiltration is not possible, here the units are wrapped in a geomembrane (which is in turn wrapped in a protective geotextile layer) so that the structure can hold the stormwater temporarily until local drainage flows can accept it for normal disposal at a permissible outflow rate

Features & benefits

  • Fully BBA approved under certificate No. 17/5394
  • Proven vertical loading capacity of 32.5 tonnes/m2 and lateral loading capacity of 10.8 tonnes/m2
  • The open void structure gives class leading levels of access for inspection and maintenance, with;
  1. 70% open floor space with both vertical and lateral access, allowing easy deployment of inspection and cleaning equipment
  2. Inspection access and inlets/outlets that can be placed in almost any position
  3. Guide channels inside the system, ensuring smooth, unobstructed access
  • Fast, easy to install units, with push-fit functionality and patented integrated connectors, with no need for separate pegs or clips
  • Modular design gives freedom to configure any shape of tank to suit the site conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with ergonomic hand grips and a walkable top deck
  • Can be used as part of a SuDS scheme to help reduce flood risk

The Q-Bic Plus system is modular in its design and comprises of easy to install components that can be designed to create a tank or soakaway to suit the needs of a specific site.


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