Wavin AquaCell units are a tried and tested modular technique for managing excessive rainfall and can be assembled to create an underground structure as either a temporary attenuation tank or infiltration soakaway.

AquaCell Range

AquaCell systems are the tried, tested and versatile answer to the effective management of excessive rainfall – reducing flood risk and enabling the cost effective management of the water environment.

AquaCell Eco

AquaCell Eco is manufactured from specially reformulated, recycled material and has been specifically designed for use in shallow, non-trafficked areas such as domestic gardens and similar landscaped sites. It is not suitable for locations subject to high water tables.

AquaCell Core-R

AquaCell Core-R has been designed for use in deep applications, subject to both regular and heavy traffic loadings, such as cars and HGVs.

AquaCell Plus-R

AquaCell Plus-R has been developed to add extra design scope to any AquaCell installation. The unit can be used in combination with AquaCell Core-R and Eco (providing there is at least one layer of AquaCell Core-R in between the Plus-R and Eco layers).

AquaCell configurator

Save time calculating your next attenuation or infiltration tank design project with our online configuration tool. Download your sample report and try it today

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Which AquaCell unit is right for your next project?

Our selector will help you to determine which AquaCell unit, or combination of units, is the correct choice for a particular project. Planning a stormwater project? Design a tank or soakaway using our fully BBA approved AquaCell system.