Attenuate and infiltrate

Handle peaks in rainfall and you minimize the risk of flood damage. Our attenuation solutions give you maximum control over stormwater discharge. Infiltration solutions store and slowly discharge excess water into the surrounding soil.

What is an Attenuation Tank?

An Attenuation Tank or a “Stormwater Attenuation Tank” is a large container/detention tank acting as a buffer to store excess rainwater and surface water. Basically, attenuation means to temporarily store storm water for a period of time, to then release back into a watercourse or sewer network.

How do Attenuation Tanks work?

The stored water inside an attenuation tank is released via a flow-control chamber at a controlled rate, which means that the surface water run-off will be slowed down before being released into a local water course like a river or reservoir.

Why use an Attenuation Tank?

The idea is to design a system that can deal with the flow at the source – rather than downstream and effectively to reduce the risk of localised flooding.