Qbic Plus crate infront of rainy city

Q-Bic Plus

Q-Bic Plus geocellular modular plastic units


What is Q-Bic Plus?

The Q-Bic Plus system can be used either as a temporary storage attenuation tank or a soakaway crate, particularly where accessibility into the tank is required. It is suitable for a wide range of landscaped and trafficked applications, including:


  • Landscaped Parks
  • Domestic gardens
  • Residential developments
  • Car parks & roads
  • Industrial/commercial areas


The Q-Bic range can also be used as part of a sustainable urban drainage scheme to help reduce flood risk. Q-Bic Plus is everything everybody in the stormwater management chain is looking for from an effective SuDS solution. The lightweight units are non-handed for right-first-time orientation. Easy to carry with dedicated hand grips, a walkable top deck, and integrated, push-fit connectors that click into place without pegs, clips or tools to enable installation in half the time of comparable units.  The revolutionary design of Q-Bic Plus makes installation and inspection easier and faster.


What is Stormwater Attenuation and Infiltration?

Stormwater attenuation tanks provide a storage system for rainwater and surface water. The stored water inside the attenuation tank is released via a flow-control chamber and is either pumped via a pumping chamber or run-off through a gravity stormwater pipe system. The surface water run-off is slowed down before it is discharged into the local watercourse (i.e. a river or reservoir) or sewer system, effectively reducing the risk of localised flooding.

Infiltration is when Q-Bic Plus tanks are installed in suitable pervious soils so the units can be wrapped in a geotextile to allow infiltration of the stormwater into the surrounding ground.

Case studies

London Park case study

For the first time in the UK; Q-Bic Plus, a new modular Sustainable Urban Drainage system (SuDS), has been used to create a high-performance stormwater management system for a new park in central London. View case study

Norfolk City Council and Tarmac case study

See why Q-Bic Plus ticked Tarmac's box for an adaptable geocellular attenuation solution.

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