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Easy to handle, fast to install, BIM enabled and BBA approved, Q-Bic Plus is designed from the ground up to be the most accessible, inspectable and cleanable attenuation tank on the market.

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See why no other attenuation solution ticks so many boxes. 

Installed in half the time Wavin Q-Bic logo

Watch a side-by-side installation comparison.

Adoption Wavin Q-Bic logo

Designed from the ground up to be compliant with Sewers for Adoption 8, see why Q-Bic Plus gets better the closer you inspect it.

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For specifiers, Q-Bic Plus is going down a storm for flexibility, whatever the soil type, available area or load.

Installation Wavin Q-Bic logo

On-site and in-build, the smart design of Q-Bic Plus makes it the fast, easy, safe and cost-efficient solution.

Norfolk City Council and Tarmac case study Wavin Q-Bic logo

See why Q-Bic Plus ticked Tarmac's box for an adaptable geocellular attenuation solution.

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Speed design with our free interactive tool.

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Download our industry-leading BIM content and introduce 'as-built' accuracy to your stormwater design solutions.

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The full Q-Bic Plus story is only a click away.

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Learn more about the features, applications and specification of Q-Bic Plus.

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New CPD Seminar Wavin Q-Bic logo

Learn from the comfort of your office! This seminar provides information on geocellular tanks in SuDS with a particular focus on the upcoming Sewers for Adoption 8 requirements.

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Fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a consultation. You will also receive a fully functional scale kit of Q-Bic Plus crates to see how easily it connects and adapts.*

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