The construction of modular buildings is much quicker and simpler than traditional construction

28 August 2019

The rise of modular housing and off-site construction

The rise of modular housing is a response by the construction industry to keep pace with the fast-growing demand for new homes in the UK by speeding up the house building system.

In particular a growth in demand for construction of affordable housing has been fueled by former Prime Minister Teresa May’s announcement that there will be £2 billion available to social housing associations to help fund low cost homes.

Modular housing is the production of 3-dimensional units in controlled factory conditions prior to transportation to site. It is often used for social housing, hotels, high rise apartment blocks, hospitals schools and MOD housing. Off-site construction can also include modular rooms, self-contained bathroom pods, light weight structures for multi storey buildings and temporary housing and commercial units. 

The benefits of modular construction

For construction companies, the advantages of offsite construction are clear with program certainty, factory built consistent quality and design efficiency giving 44% cost savings, 65%-time savings and 75% fewer defects as well as reduced waste and reduced threat of onsite theft. The quick and efficient manufacture and construction of housing provides opportunities for construction companies to satisfy the growing need for housing and other construction projects with affordable accommodation that still remains profitable for the developers. 

Whilst prefabricated housing has in the past been regarded as inferior to bricks and mortar construction, it is increasingly being viewed as a desirable option both for affordability and sustainability. Because of their small size and enclosed design, prefab units are much more energy efficient than brick and mortar homes, making it easier and less costly to comply with energy efficiency regulations.

An important part of modular design is the utilisation of the latest innovations particularly lightweight materials and quick easy construction to cut down on assembly and transportation costs. Recycled materials also play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of modular builds.

In busy urban areas, construction sites can create a disruption and noise for local residents with deliveries, onsite machinery and staff. The construction of modular buildings is much quicker, simpler and more harmonious with the local community.

Modular buildings also offer flexibility for the future with prefabricated sections being easier to dissemble and relocate to different areas.

Wavin’s complete plumbing and drainage solutions for modular buildings

Wavin offers a range of industry leading products with aesthetic design features and unique performance and installation features, making them perfect for the demands of modular and offsite construction. We have over 20 years of experience of working with offsite and mobile manufacturers including boatbuilders, recreational vehicles, mobile homes and holiday properties, domestic and commercial modular and offsite manufacturers, public sector and social housing, high rise construction and hotels and leisure.

In particular, Wavin can support modular projects with:

a complete plumbing and drainage solution
No risk of fittings moving / dismounting in transit 
Speed of fitting with hot and cold systems that are quicker to fit than copper
No hot works required for fitting
Consistent quality – standardised joints removes risk 
Clean sleek designs that look good when on show
50 year guarantee
A marketing leading BIM package that is fee to download
Design and technical support provided by a dedicated technical team
CPD and practical training

Our product ranges for modular housing include:

Hep2O - Plastic push-fit hot and cold plumbing system

The unique In4Sure™ design means once connected, they can only be dismounted with the HepKey preventing fittings moving or dismounting in transit
No hot works, flames, fumes or special tools required for installation
Up to 4 times quicker to install than copper
Every joint is the same level of quality throughout the build removing risk

Tigris K1 Commercial press-fit pipe system 

Faster to install than copper
Secure installation with no need for hot works
Multilayer composite pipe with thermal expansion comparable to copper
Adaptors for connecting to copper and Hep2O plumbing
Can be used in recirculating systems
25 year guarantee – WRAS, DVGW and KIWA approval

Hep2O Underfloor Heating

Flexible – for use with any floor type
Proven technology
Industry leading 100 year pipe guarantee
Online estimator for fast accurate quotes
Unique flexible manifold – add extra ports as required

Osma soil

Secure joint every time with captive ring seal
Every KeyWay fitting has a unique notch to guarantee perfect fall every time.
Compact soil and waste range is ideal for tight installation situations with solvent weld and push-fit options available.

Osma Waste

HepVO the world best selling waterless trap – ideal for use in compact installations and low space
A range of options including ABS solvent weld, PVC-C Solvent Weld and PP Push-fit waste options

Osma Rainwater

Hydrodynamic running outlets to handle more rainwater
Concealed sockets to hide downpipe cut ends
Wide, retained seals allow for thermal expansion

Osma Drainage

Manufactured to highest standards
Recycled core with no loss of performance