Realise the full time and cost savings of the BIM way of working

Featuring 100% accurate content and intelligent design assistance, including an auto-generated Bill of Materials, our BIM Revit packages are the fastest and easiest route to as-built pipe system models.

By designing in accuracy, detail and certainty on-screen, the resulting models cut errors and waste on-site, so you can collaborate better, reduce risk and install with dramatic time and cost savings.

Better design in a fraction of the time

Our BIM packages are faster and easier to use. Watch a side-by-side comparison to see how in-built intelligence assistance can deliver 'as-built' pipe system designs in a fraction of the time taken by competitor packages.

Download our BIM models for accurate ‘as-built’ designs

Through our BIM Centre, we are committed to making the BIM way of working easy to adopt. Here, you’ll find free model package downloads, support and training.

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The book of BIM

Our Revit content is market leading. This easy to digest brochure explains how and why it is superior and illustrates the measurable benefits it delivers to BIM designers and M&E contractors.

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How-to videos

We have a comprehensive Playlist of 'how to' videos on our YouTube channel explaining all the key features of our unique Revit packages so you can get the best from BIM.

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