Code of Ethics

Wavin UK takes its responsibilities to its stakeholders extremely seriously. We share this view with the wider Wavin Group and the Orbia corporation.

Orbia Code of Ethics

As part of Orbia, Wavin complies with the Orbia Code of Ethics which you can download below. 
The Code of Ethics is applicable to all employees working for Orbia and to the Company's customers and suppliers. All employees shall know and abide by the Code of Ethics, the Policies and Guidelines established by Orbia and its subsidiaries, as well as comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which Orbia conducts business. It is important to note that any ignorance of the Code of Ethics or Orbia's policies does not release employees, suppliers, or customers from their obligation to comply, therewith nor from the consequences of non-compliance.

To read more about this, please refer to the Orbia corporate website

Whistle-blower Line

Reporting Procedure

  1. Identify a possible violation to the Code of Ethics.
  2. Report the violation What? Who? How? When? Where?
  3. Provide sufficient evidence.
  4. If the report is anonymous, provide alternative means of contact (this is not mandatory but is recommended to facilitate research and monitoring).

You can report a possible violation of the Code of Ethics to Orbia here.

Note: To optimise the processing of your complaint through the website and telephone call, you should perform these procedures in Spanish, English or Portuguese. However, if this is not possible, you can make your complaint in your main language by email.

Confidential Councellor

In addition to the Mexichem Whistleblower procedure, Wavin also has an additional procedure.

Under Article 4 of the Procedure, an employee may report the suspicion of a wrong to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board by sending an e-mail to:

Wavin Holding B.V. has issued a Whistle-Blowers procedure, which was originally established in 2004. The procedure provides instructions for Wavin employees wanting to report a suspicion of a wrong within the company. Please click on the link below to open or download the document.

The Confidential Councellor as identified in the document is Mr. Jos Kruisman.
Wavin employees can reach him via e-mail: or telephone: +31 (0)38 429 4911.

You can also write to him:
Wavin Holding B.V.
Attn. Mr. J. Kruisman
Postbus 173
The Netherlands

PO Box 75640
The Netherlands