Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wavin plays a leading role in the energy revolution at ISH

From March 14-18, Wavin will be joining a distinguished group of industry leaders in Frankfurt at the world’s leading trade fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies. In fact, ISH is the world’s biggest exhibition for innovations in water and energy – focusing on relevant 21st century issues, such as the conservation of natural resources, the use of renewable energies, sanitary installations, intelligent living and groundbreaking building solutions.

This year, 200,000+ vistors are expected to attend the exhibition, with the bulk of people visiting the sanitation, heating and air conditioning exhibits. There will be 2400 exhibitors from around the world showcasing their solutions. Wavin Germany will be presenting an extensive programme on a floor space of 198 square meters. As a world market leader in plastic pipe systems, we will be demonstrating our wide range of innovations and sustainable solutions to craftsmen, installers, planners, architects, engineers and decision-makers alike.

Wavin – a partner for craftsmen and installers

Last year, we successfully launched the Europe-wide "Gear Up" (in German, “Mach dein Ding”) plumbing campaign, which will continue this year. In a total of 12 countries, Wavin will show interested craftsmen and installers how Wavin solutions simplify their daily lives. They will be introduced to pipe systems that are quick and easy to install and offer the utmost reliability that the expert needs on site.

Here’s what to expect from Wavin at ISH 2017:

Our innovative sewage system – Wavin SiTech+

We will be showcasing the Wavin SiTech+ – a state-of-the-art sewage system with sound insulation made from mineral-reinforced polypropylene (PP). The strength, reduction of sewage noises and easy installation set new standards for wastewater disposal. From small renovations to large-scale projects, Wavin SiTech+ has already proven its worth in practice. This year, at our booth, we will be presenting attendees with new technical features that will make the installation of the system even easier than before. The colour of the pipes’ inner coating has been changed from white to light grey – making the system less susceptible to contamination. For precise cutting and even easier assembly, the pipe components are now equipped with centimeter markings.

World leader in sound insulation – Wavin AS

Wavin AS is the classic among the sound-absorbing sewage pipes and has been successfully used for almost three decades. The tried and tested sewage pipe system relies on a thick-walled pipe design and the outstanding ASTOLAN® pipe and molded part material, which has a density of 1.9 g / cm³ for airborne and body borne sound. The class SST requirements for noise protection (comfort soundproofing) of the VDI 4100 is not only reached, but also surpassed. Together with our modern noise protection software, Wavin AS offers planning security and a top quality, which has been used in international construction projects for decades.

Installation systems – Wavin Tigris K1 and Wavin Tigris M1

When it comes to clean drinking water installation or the safe connection of conventional radiators or modern heating and cooling systems, the Wavin Tigris installation systems have proven to be competent solutions for even the most demanding installation projects. At ISH in Frankfurt, we will show how professional press fittings made of PPSU and multi-layer composite pipes ensure 100% lead-free drinking water installations. Would you like a drinking water installation with metal press fittings? Wavin also has a solution for this. Wavin Tigris M1, with fittings made of galvanized brass, is ideally suited for this purpose. Together with the Wavin multi-layer composite pipes, a long-running drinking water system is also available.

Roof drainage with Wavin QuickStream

Large amounts of rainwater are a challenge for flat roofs in industrial and commercial properties. The high-performance system, Wavin QuickStream, has been the optimal answer to this problem for 30 years and is continuously being developed further. From the planning and calculation with modern software tools to the combination possibilities with our Wavin pipe systems up to one-man-assembly – our specialists will show you how versatile this solution really is.

The future is digital – Wavin BIM Revit live at our booth

The benefits of Building Information Management (BIM) are obvious. Digital construction planning and testing, for example, means that risks and problems with building projects are recognized at an early stage, planning certainty increase while costs simultaneously decrease. Wavin BIM Revit data packages have an "intelligent assistant” – providing the ideal solution for planning projects (i.e. which products can be used for a perfect fit). There are already hundreds of connectors from the Wavin catalog with different nominal sizes, including arcs and reductions – all preconfigured for convenient use. Thus, the most complex part of the pipeline system planning is easily sorted out: all fittings required for the connection points can now be automatically inserted with a simple click of the mouse click in most cases. We will be offer all interested trade fair visitors the opportunity to test BIM directly at the booth and to exchange ideas with our experts.

From the grain silo to the lighthouse project – Wavin as a partner for newly renovated Henninger Tower in Frankfurt

The Henninger Tower is one of the most famous buildings in Frankfurt am Main. At ISH 2017, we will show how Wavin equipped the new Henninger Tower with modern and fitting pipe system solutions – making this city landmark fit for the future. Installed Wavin systems include the Tempower heating and cooling system and the multi-layer composite pipe Tigris.

Come see us at ISH 2017!

We invite you to join us at our booth (Hall 6.0, Booth B 61) where we will wow you with our piping solutions. You will also be able to register for some of our upcoming promotions. So come join the water and energy revolution! Our experts are looking forward to seeing you. 
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