Monday, 7 September 2015

2015 Wavin China Annual National Distributor Meeting

2015 Wavin China Annual National Distributor Meeting was held in Baoli Crown Plaza Hotel from 28th,Aug to 30th,Aug ,2015.

2015 Wavin China Annual National Distributor Meeting was held in Baoli Crown Plaza Hotel from 28th,Aug to 30th,Aug ,2015.

National distributors, project agents, Wavin global supply chain representatives witnessed Wavin China entered a new stage. At the same time, under the slogan"Connect To Better" , the national regional sales system, product development system and the supply chain system have provided  a lot of advise to make it  more possible for Wavin new grow-up.

Mr.Klass introduced Wavin current situation

Wavin Asia Pacific President Mr. Klass attended this meeting and made a speech. 

He firstly introduced Wavin Group business situation. Wavin Group is a member of Mexichem Group, sales figures was No.1 in Europe and South America. Wavin is the leader in the piping system solutions. Wavin annual revenue is 1.2 billion Euro, Factories distributed in 29 countries around the world, with the ground and underground application system, and is committed to product innovation. Wavin products research and development center has 325 patents of plastic pipe systems.

New challenge and opportunities for Wavin China

General manager of Wavin China,Mr. Yu Shiliang,attended this meeting, and he focused more on analysis of the Wavin challenge and opportunities in the Chinese market. Chinese  economy are facing transformatation and structure adjustment. Chinese real estate and the related industries are in the difficulties  but also   it is an opportunities.

1. national strategic deployment, sponge pilot urban construction and promotion;
2. awareness quality of plastic pipe in the field of drinking water;
3. southern heating market, demand continues to grow up;
4. high-end building water supply and drainage comprehensive solution requirements;

Wavin China strategic

Wavin China strategic layout will be changed according to the market demands, so as to adapt to the domestic market competition. And maintain a strong capability to solve the whole case and the product performance.

1. a comprehensive introduction of Europe stormwater management system, optimize the supply chain, and strengthen project front-end influence;
2. Accelerate to introduct the wavin ekoplastik PP - RCT and PPR basalt pipe product and high quality  drinking water piping system, carry out the national provincial stock up business development;
3. keep the wavin Hepworth PB/PE - RT stable product quality advantages,  improve competitiveness from the capacity upgrade and optimize supply.At the same time, introduce the wavin Tigris system, solve the high-end user and business needs.Imported from Europe Wavin PEX pipe;
4. Wavin AS pipe meet the needs of high-end villas, hotels, and all grade will provide system solutions;
5. to strengthen the front sales, aimed at the early stage of the project, from the project, drawing design, all-round tracking solutions, the contractor, subcontractor, for hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums and transport hub construction to provide a full range of building water supply and drainage solutions;

Wavin is committed to innovation, The slogan "Connect To Better" was  issued by Wavin group in the 2015 Copenhagen's global brand strategy! Connect to better guide the Wavin products, supply chain, sales system, and all the wavin people!