Wavin new factories put into production in Foshan

On August 28, 2015, Wavin new factory formally completed and put into production in Foshan,China, marked the Wavin China business entering a new develpoment.

14 Sep 2015

New Opportunity and Development

Since Wavin joined Mexichem chemical group in 2012, in order to speed up the  Asia especially China business development, in July 2014, Wavin group set up regional headquarters in Singapore, Wavin China ushered in the new historical opportunity, has been cleared about the Wavin China's  long-term development goals. Under this  goal, in 2014 China's new factory location and relocation project started. 

After more than eight months of efforts, the Wavin China inaugurated a new factory in Foshan Nanhai, new factory area is 2.5 times than the original factory, capacity expansion expected is 3 times. 

Wavin China established synchronization Wavin college for the whole system product training and research.