Low noise systems for peaceful living

Rieder Tower residence for senior citizens

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, lies the Rieder Borgh community. It offers a wide choice of supported living for senior citizens. The 16 floor Rieder Tower, with 79 senior apartments, is one of the tallest buildings in the neighbourhood. Multiple Wavin systems were deployed in the tower to ensure minimum noise for residents along with fast and efficient fitting for Unica, the contracted installers.

Unica chose Wavin as their single supplier for multiple systems. These included downpipes, soil and waste, drinking water and central heating pipes. With this full-scope project, the Wavin project support team worked closely with Unica to ensure that the right configuration for all systems was expertly planned and that all components were delivered at the right time.

For Johan de Jongh, Building and Installation Advisor at Wavin, collaboration was the key to success, “Sitting around the table together early in the project ensured we could optimize planning, prefabrication and delivery. This saved time and money, while ensuring the highest quality.”

Carefully planned prefabrication saved time on site and met all our quality requirements.
Piet Looij , Unica project manager

The project used Wavin AS low-noise downpipes throughout, ensuring a peaceful environment for residents. Quick and easy to fit, Wavin AS needs no additional acoustic damping. Other systems included Wavin PE and Wafix PP for indoor soil and waste, and Wavin Tigris for all drinking water and central heating pipes.

Piet Looij, Unica project manager, particularly appreciated Wavin’s prefabrication and specialist support, “Carefully planned prefabrication saved time on site – particularly for systems being laid in concrete.  Wavin did more than supply products – they gave expert advice and accurate calculations, meeting all our quality requirements."