Guangzhou Tower——Vision and Sustainability

Guangzhou tower also known as the Guangzhou new TV tower,whose nickname is Small Pretty Waist. It's located in the Guangzhou Haizhu District (Yizhou islands), about 125 meters at the southern bank of the pearl river, oppositing  the Haixin Island and the Guangzhou  21st Century CBD area. main tower for Guangzhou Tower is 454 metres  ( sightseeing platform for the top 488 meters), antenna masts  is 150 meters,  total is 600 meters high.Guangzhou Tower is the first tower in China,and the world's fourth tower.

Guangzhou Tower was invested by Guangzhou Buliding Company and Shanghai Construction Group was responsible for the constructing.Total  area is 114054 m2 , which has been completed in September 2009. Guangzhou Tower was officially opened on September 30th, 2010, and formally sold ticket for tourists from October 1st, 2010.

Guangzhou Tower has five functional areas and a variety of amusement facilities, including 488m of the world's highest world outdoor viewing platform, lateral ferris wheel, high speed roller extreme rides. There are two sightseeing halls, with impending corridor, ladders, 4D and 3D cinemas. Chinese and western Food Canteens, convention and exhibition facilities,  and shopping malls and also have  one science exhibition hall.

The awards

In April 2009, the Guangzhou Tower won the 37th Geneva international invention and innovation technology and International  gold award and special awards  in the exhibition.

In May 2011, was named the national Green Building Demonstration project for 2010.

In 2011, won the China State Construction Engineering.

In March 2012, won the highest prize for national construction quality.

In June 2012, won national award of Architectural Design.