Speeding installation for controlled project costs

Ghelamco Arena – vision and time saving

The Ghelamco Arena in Ghent is the first completely new stadium to be built in Belgium for many years. It is ecologically advanced and multi-functional. As well as 20,000 seats, it has numerous bars and restaurants, events, shopping and leisure facilities and 15,000 m2 of office space. The stadium is located in a new development corridor with offices, shops and a hotel. The project would need both to manage rainwater efficiently and to minimize construction times.

The new arena needed to meet the highest standards for sustainability. Not only would the stadium need to perform optimally under the heaviest downpour. Rainwater would need to be captured and conserved for re-cycling. The chosen solution had to be completely reliable, quick and easy to install, and long-lasting.

Contractor VK Engineering was in close contact with Wavin’s specialist advisors from the start. Three large underground buffer reservoirs with a total capacity of 2310 m³ were needed to buffer large volumes of rainwater prior to infiltration or reuse.

Choosing Q-Bic and Q-BB saved us at least three weeks project time.
Karl Agten , BAS

VK Engineering project manager Wouter Verhaegen, valued Wavin’s specialist expertise, “Wavin were pro-active from the start – helping us solve engineering challenges and sharing new ideas.” The chosen approach deployed Wavin Q-Bic and Q-BB systems. Their virgin polypropylene construction ensured the desired durability; they are easy to inspect and clean; require minimum maintenance and support rainwater re-use.

Importantly on this project, they are extremely fast and easy to install. Karl Agten of installation partner BAS states, “Choosing Q-Bic and Q-BB saved us at least three weeks project time. We installed 100 m³ a day with ease. Choosing Wavin helped meet tight project deadlines and drive out the associated costs.”