PE-RT Hepworth

Hepworth PERTII is no crosslinking necessary process as  HDPE(PE100) material  with  good temperature  /pressure resistance t for long term service,perform  excellent resistance to creep rupture。Good thermal stability under hydrostatic pressure exceeds PE-RT Type II classification (ISO 24033&GB/T28799) .Wall-thickness reduction for Type II, material savings of 14 % in comparison to PE-RT Type I(ISO10508class #2).

Good melt strength and fusion ability , good resistance to stress cracking.


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Secure connection

All PERT Hepworth  systems use well-established homogeneous welding techniques to join components. The weld becomes the strongest part of the system. Using socket welding ensure the reliability of the whole system.


PERT II  flexible pressure piping systems for the growing demand of flexible pipes in surface heating and cooling systems.

PERT II can be used for mono- and multilayer pipe designs containing oxygen barrier layers such as EVOH in heating pipes.

What’s next?

PERT Hepworth  pipes system are part of an extensive range of Wavin products for domestic and commercial environments. Explore Wavin’s selection of solutions for drinking ,waste water, rainwater management,and for heating and cooling. Talk to Wavin about your specific needs and objectives.