PB Hepworth

A polybutene system for the building installations . Major fields of application are hot and cold water , heating and cooling systems . PB Hepworth offers complete solution packages for buildings ranging in size from single-family detached houses via apartment blocks through to public or commercial buildings, product range from D16-32, homogeneous fusion welding, push-fitting, and PB-Brass adapters. Operating pressure: Up to 16 bar, operating temperature: -10°C  to  +95°C.


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Secure connections

All PB Hepworth systems use well-established homogeneous welding techniques to join components. The weld becomes the strongest part of the system. Using both socket welding , secure welds ensure the reliability of the whole system.

Long-term performance

Due to the excellent creep properties PB-1 deliver performance advantages

competitive products over time under applied stress.


PB-1 homopolymers for the production of flexible pressure piping systems for domestic hot and cold drinking water supply, heating and cooling, district heating and radiator connections.

PB-1 homopolymers can be used for mono- and multilayer pipe designs containing oxygen barrier layers such as EVOH.