About Wavin China

Wavin China supplies a range of plastic pipe and fitting systems for residential and commercial building applications as well as for civils and infrastructure projects.

We provide plastic pipe and fitting systems and solutions for tap water, soil and waste, storm water management, sewer, surface heating and cooling, rehabilitation and distribution of drinking water and gas and telecom applications.

Located in their brand new office in Shanghai, Wavin China has a comprehensive and advanced solutions for the plastic pipe industry, including hot and cold water system, rainwater management system, indoor climate regulation system, building sewage discharge system and other comprehensive solutions covering the ground, inside and outside the building.

After more than 20 years of continuous promotion and development, Wavin China sales service network throughout the country, to provide partners with solid technical support, continuous product training and fast product supply, to provide user partners with high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service.

Furthermore, we provide architects, developers and consultants with design support, recommendation on cost efficient solutions as well as sharing global best practices and latest news on relevant product innovations and market trends. For the last 40 years, Wavin has been active in the region, building a long list of prestigious reference projects (5-star hotel, hospitals, high rise buildings, etc.).

The Wavin Group headquarters are in Zwolle in The Netherlands. We have a direct presence in over 37 countries with 45 factories, 6 training academies and 1 global innovation center. We employ approximately 10,000 people and have annual revenues of around €2.2 billion. Since 2012 Wavin is part of the Mexichem Group, the Latin American leader in pipe systems and petrochemicals.

Wavin’s European leadership, local presence, commitment to innovation and technical support, all benefit our customers. We consistently achieve the highest sustainability standards and ensure total reliability of supply to support our customers to achieve their objectives. Read more about the Wavin Group on www.wavin.com