Best Choice for Businessman

White Swan Hotel

White Swan hotel is located in the downtown of guangzhou "xanadu" - in the south of the Shamian Islands with a long history, and near the white geese pool of sanjiang gathering. The unique  design, in harmony with elegant surroundings, a special approach  connect the hotel and the city centre. It is the best place for the business travelers.

The White Swan hotel is China's first sino-foreign cooperative five-star hotel, also China's first large hotel which designed,built and managed by the Chinese themselves.In 1985, it was the first Chinese hotel that accepted as a world-class hotel group accepted


Open for more than 20 years, the White Swan Hotel  has created a good economic benefit, receiving more than 40 heads of state and government of the countries, such as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the United States President George W. Bush, Nixon, German chancellor Helmut Kohl and Castro, Kissinger, Norodom sihanouk, Lee Kuan yew and other international celebrities. Deng xiaoping, chairman of the Peoples Republic of China has come to "White Swan" three times, and inscripted.

In order to improve the hotel environment and facilities,  White Swan Hotel was scheduled to closed the guest rooms and upgraded from September 16, 2011, embodying the concept of green environmental protection and energy saving, especially using Wavin rainwater recycling system.


In 1990, was awarded as one of the first three five-star hotels in China;

It was awarded as the optimal selection in fifty hotels by National Tourism in 1996 and the  first choice for international business people  by International Travel Guide and international famous magazine or newspaper for many years.