We have formulated a set of environmental reduction targets to be reached by 2015, and we have been monitoring our progress in these areas since 2008. These targets have been specified in relative figures so as to eliminate any effect of changes in production volume. Our 2013 environmental performance indicators show that we are on track to reach our 2015 targets.


In the past, Wavin has achieved significant progress in most indicators and was able to exceed our waste to landfill, usage of recycled material and water to sewer targets. However, our energy consumption has increased from last year and continuously reducing our CO2 emissions is inreasingly complex. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will meet our targets by 2015. Furthermore, we set ourselves Stretch Targets for those KPI’s where earlier defined targets were already achieved thus continuing the challenge to excel.

You can read more about Wavin's Environmental Performance in the CSR Report 2013.