About Wavin China

Wavin China -Wavin Piping systems(Foshan) Co., Ltd, is Dutch Wavin group wholly owned subsidiary of investment in China. Wavin China put into production in 1995, was  engaged in Hepworth,  (Acorn) polybutylene PB piping system products and heat-resistant polyethylene (PE - RT) professional development and production of series products. With  more than 20 years continuous promotion and development, our sales and service network throughout all parts of the country. We provide strong technical support, continuous product training and quick product supply for the partners; provide high-quality products and excellent after-sales service for our users.

Not only selling all kinds of plastic pipe systems in the hot and cold water, Wavin China also introduces  Wavin Group other applied system and products to China's high-end customers.Today, the our products, has been widely used in construction field. Product range includes (Wavin) roofing siphon drainage system, Wavin rainwater collection system, Wavin drainage system, Wavin heat &cold water systems (Tigris), Wavin ekoplastik PP-r pipe system, and the Wavin AS system etc.

We sell our products and systems directly to projects and through our network of distributors,  and partners.