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Sentio provides you smarter underfloor heating & cooling by focus on ease of installation and use, with the quality and reliability of


Why Wavin Sentio?

Smarter underfloor heating & cooling by focus on ease of installation and use, with the quality and reliability of Wavin.  Connect, Set, Go!

✔ Connect: Logical Installation

✔ Set: Effortless Configuration

✔ Go: Smart Usability

Watch the Sentio video and experience how ease of use can still be reliant with the quality of Wavin.


Wavin offers floor heating users a new and smartest floor heating-cooling control system that they can adjust the temperature of their home with their smartphones. If you want, you can adjust the temperature of your room with the remote phone application or room thermostat and enjoy the comfort provided by the system even when you are out of your home. 

Year-long comfort - makes both heating and cooling control.

Sentio has been developed thanks to Wavin's many years of experience. Wavin knows what the floor heating user wants. Thus, it allows you to reach the ideal room temperature in every zone throughout the year, regardless of summer or winter.

Zone control has now become mandatory in many European countries. Zone control provides a high amount of energy efficiency. It is the most suitable system for zone controlled underfloor heating systems, central low-temperature heating systems and heat pump systems.

Due to the increasing demand for comfort, the importance of energy used in both heating and cooling is increasing day by day. The biggest share here comes from well-insulated buildings. Underfloor heating systems allow you to reach and maintain the comfort conditions with the highest efficiency in a well-insulated building.


  • Maximum freedom - Wide range

Sentio provides solutions that can tackle any challenge an installer may encounter. The system can be installed with wired, wireless or a combination of these types of equipment. It provides 8 data inputs (thermostats) and 16 data outputs (actuators). It measures indoor and outdoor temperatures. In addition to these outputs, there are 2 230V free relays and 2 pump relays.

There is an expansion unit that can be added modularly. So larger systems can be controlled. The add-on unit provides 8 additional inputs and 6 additional free voltage relays.


  • Easy and robust installation - electrical wiring provides convenience to installers.

Thanks to the easy wiring design in the Sentio control unit, the correct application is aimed at the first time. The unit is protected against static electricity, dust and water. There is no risk of damage during wiring.

Cable entries of the terminals have an angle of 45 °. Thus, the installer can install the cables quickly and easily. Terminals are separated by colours and labelled.

It is the most compact controller on the market. Suitable for DIN rail mounting. 


  • Presets - fast and hassle communication between the controller and thermostats

Ready-made operating profiles installed and preset in Sentio can be selected. Thus, the system can be commissioned quickly. There are different options such as summer/winter, daylight saving, eco mode.

The controller will automatically recognize the thermostats, no need to deal with labels.


  • High energy efficiency and comfort - The system automatically works most efficiently.

Sentio controls the water temperature entering the collector. If used together with mixing valves, maximum efficiency is obtained from the return water.

Two collectors can be controlled at the same time. In a duplex house, only one pair of cables goes from the control unit to the control unit on the upper floor, not pipes from the downstairs collector to the upper floor, or two collectors can be controlled with a single control unit by separating the north/south area in large volumes.

Sentio supplies 0-10V direct current to the boiler. It is possible to work with modulation. It has been adjusted to work with heat pumps at optimum performance. It adapts to give the right temperature at the right time.


  • Expertise - Makes you an expert without additional programming.

Sentio can be activated in 3 different ways. As part of the control unit, the LCD can be installed next to the central control unit. The same LCD can be used for commissioning the system. Having commissioned the process, the LCD can be removed. The end-user does not need an LCD screen. The laptop can be used for commissioning the system. It is sufficient to connect to the control unit with a standard network cable.

  • Aesthetic design - you realize just when you need it.

Room thermostats do not have an LCD screen. It has a clean white surface and a pleasant texture. Thus, it does not disturb the eyes. It is made of UV resistant material. Sentio is the smallest room thermostat on the market. It shows room temperature only when touched. Wired or wireless options can be chosen optionally. Also available in a wall mounting box.


  • Controlled by smartphone - clean, friendly, modern

Communication is established by reading the QR code on the central control unit. All room temperatures can be adjusted according to the application on the smartphone or the floor temperature. Many users can use the application and make settings. Past data can be viewed with graphics through the application.


  • High comfort - High-precision

Room thermostats work with Touch & Go technology. To see the temperature, it is enough to touch the thermostat once. If you want to adjust the temperature, you have to rotate around with your finger or remove your finger by touching the hidden keys. 

There are 3 different comfort level settings. Child lock is available. It switches automatically from heating to cooling. There is a moisture sensor.

Different sensors can be used for each situation. Infrared floor sensor, wired or wireless sensors or room sensors without interfaces are available.

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