Lead-free PVC Pipes Environmentally Friendly and Developed for Human Health from Wavin

Wavin started the production of the first pressure infrastructure PVC pipes with a diameter of 100mm and larger in 1953. Since then, it has been a pioneering brand in the transportation of water with the products sustainable and friendly for human health with the highest standards by continuing its many product developments and innovation studies.

In the 1950s, Wavin began to use these innovative pipes made from PVC material in place of asbestos pipes comprise a threat to human health. In addition, the use of PVC pipes in infrastructure systems has increased over the years due to their corrosion resistance and easy installation features. Following this development that guided the market years ago, we, as Wavin, put our signature under another groundbreaking practice by producing all our PVC pipes without the lead in 2020. As of 1 January 2020, additives containing lead and similar heavy metals have been removed from all our products without exception.

Stabilizers are used to protect the physical and chemical integrity of PVC pipes against high temperatures during production. As a result of Wavin's long-term R&D studies, new stabilizers have been developed that replace lead, which do not contain any health threats and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This revolutionary application in drinking water takes its place as the best alternative for protecting public health among PVC pipes in the market, as it does not contain heavy metals such as lead that may threaten human health.

Regarding this important development, Fatih Asal, General Manager of Wavin Turkey, emphasized the following: "Our newly formulated lead-free pipes and fittings are comprised of all PVC-based products such as U-PVC and O-PVC-APOLLO clean water systems, PVC wastewater and SITECH B1 low flammable low-noise pipe. As we have stated before, a brand should question even success. While being the best in the world, you need to get this strong not only from financial indicators but also from being the best for the community, for the environment. With this change, we are pleased to implement a new environmentally friendly and human health-friendly application of Wavin for the commitment of "The best in the world, the best for the world".

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