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Türk Telekom Arena Stadium

Türk Telekom Arena Stadium was built  in 2011 that loacated at Seyrantepe region in İstanbul. It is one of the largest sport complex in Turkey with 52.600 capacity including outdoor-indoor parking, a VIP lounge, supermarket, restaurant, museum within areas such as bears. The stadium’s shape is elliptical. The horizontal axis is 190 meters and the longitudinal axis is 228 meters.

When designing the infrastructure of stadium Poleythylene pipes were preferred in fire hydrants and garden irrigation lines. Wavin Electrofusion fittings are preferred to join the pipes due to safe and quick installation.

The stadium was planned by German-Stuttgart origined company named ASP (Arat-Siegel + Partner). Technical, mechanical and electrical projects were carried out by Obermeyer and the static jobs were done by SBS.  All three companies are highly experienced in stadium projects and they had already taken place in stadium building before with leading architects in the team.

There are several reasons why Polyethylene pipe is used in infrastructure such as lack of corrosion risk, felexibility respect to steel pipe, less operating cost, ect. In jointing Polyethylene pipe electrofusion welding, butt fusion welding, solvent bonding, flanged joined methods were come to mind. However due to safe, quick and easy jointing and lack of inner bore reduction electrofusion welding has preferred.

Wavin Electrofusion fittings are preffered to join the pipes due to safe and quick installation.
Proje Müdürü

Wavin Polyethylene fittings are packed individually. In this way fittings are protected from dust, dirt coming from site area. Hence the proper welding process are provided. Friction losses are prevented due to Wavin Fittings’s inner smooth surface. Another superiority is that Wavin fittings have limited fusion indicators. The fusion pressure between pipe and fitting is constant. When making fusion welding with non fusion indicator designs, the melts jump out from fitting and it causes to drop the pressure that leads to inproper connection.

Beside superiority in design, Wavin could able to deliver items on requested time by having high stock level in their İstanbul and Adana warehouses.

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