Meeting the challenge with waterless waste valves

Saving water at Johannesburg Soccer City

The Soccer City stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg, was the venue for the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and The Netherlands.  The stadium had undergone a major redesign in advance of the World Cup. Wavin HepVo waterless valves were chosen to meet the specific challenges of a major sporting arena.

The FNB Stadium, known as Soccer City for the 2010 World Cup, was extensively remodelled for the event. Capacity was increased to almost 95,000 making it the largest stadium in South Africa.

One of the engineering challenges facing any sporting stadium is how best to deal with the volume of spectators needing to use toilets during the event and with the periods between events when there is little or no usage.

Conventional traps dry out unless they are used, and as a result need to be refreshed with automatic flushing systems. Not only are these an additional project and maintenance expense, they also waste clean water unnecessarily. Extended periods without use also raise the risk of unwanted odours from the traps.

The HepVo valves continue to work faultlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending HepVo for all waste and condensate applications.
Ivan Goldsmith , Goldsmith Plumbing Consultants

Ivan Goldsmith of Goldsmith Plumbing Consultants explains the choice of Hep Vo, “We chose Wavin HepVo valves for all wastewater, condensate and urinal installations in the stadium rebuild. The valves cannot dry out between usages. They can cope with large flow rates and prevent any chance of odours being released into public areas.”

Another advantage of HepVo is that it allows pipes and components to be fully concealed. This minimizes the risk of vandalism or theft.

Soccer City also uses HepVo in the air conditioning systems of its executive suites, changing rooms and administration areas. Hep Vo allows the air-conditioning condensate to be disposed of directly to the soil stack. This is not possible with conventional traps.

Ivan Goldsmith is fully satisfied with the results, “The stadium has now been active for over four years, hosting a wide range of sporting and cultural events. The HepVo valves continue to work faultlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending HepVo for all waste and condensate applications.”

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