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Apollo Pipe: Very Strong and Flexible

Apollo pipe and its joint parts  are pipe systems which are used at pressured drinking water systems, sewage pump lines and agricultural watering lines have been developed in the end of R&D studies of Wavin lasting for many years. Apollo pipes has the flexibility of PE 100 pipes additionally, the higher technical speciifications than U-PVC pipes

Apollo Pipe and its joint parts are the unique system developed for safe water lines.
biofilm layer doesn’t generate on pipe peripheries by means of its special formula.
Its permeability against to solvents and chemicals available in the soil is zero. By this mean, positions threatening health especially in drinking  waters will have been prevented. 

Apollo pipes which can be used with increased impact resistance and strength  even at the difficult conditions, is candidate to be infrastructural poduct of future.


  • Flexible and Leakproof – Pipes are of muffled by themselves, they are easily placed by means of their special leaf valve structures and flexibilities and don’t shed.
  • High Impact Durability – It has impact durability of 3 times higher than U-PVC pipe
  • Usage In Extreme Cold Weather – It can be placed in extreme cold wheather by means of its high durability protected even at 20 C.
  • Low Labour Cost –Pipe mountage can be made in shorter time, entrance into the channel is not necessary to mountage at narrow excavations.
  • Non-Comprising of Wastage – Wastages dependent to impact comprising during transport of U-PVC and PE 100 pipes don’t ocur at Apollo Pipes, Furthermore, Apollo Pipes are extreme durable against to fractures according to its equipollents
  • Better Hydrolical Performance – Inside diameter of Apollo pipes is larger than U-PVC and PE 100 pipes. Better Hydrolical preformance can be got by Apollo pipe with the same diameter. Apollo pipes with lower diameter can be used at Project.
  • Low Cost Of Placement And Transport – Wavin Apollo Systems provide saving at the cost with its easily transportation, flexibility, indestructablity, requirement of less and narrower excavation.
  • International Trust And TSE – Wavin Apollo Pipes have safely been used in many countries such as  America, Canada, Colombia, Equator, furthermore,  it has TSE Certificate  (TS ISO 16422)
  • Saving At Joints And Time – Swan-neck is not  needed until the curves of 11 degree. Saving can be made with fewer joint parts. Less energy and time is necessary for Apollo Pipes  to flex than U-PVC 100 and U-PVC pipes. Apollo Pİpes coherently work with pig iron and plastic joint parts in connecting of U-PVC pipe

You can watch videoes at the following links.

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