19 Kasım 2015 Perşembe


Hundreds of visitors coming to Wavin Academy have paid extreme effort to break Apollo being new pipe of Wavin Pilsa, but nobody has succeeded to be able to break this pipe.

Apollo Pipe and its Joint Parts are pipe systems which are used at Pressured Drinking Water Systems  pump lines ands agricultural watering lines,  have been developed in the end of R&D studies of Wavin lasting for many year. Apollo Pipes has the quality of the flexibility of PE 100 Pipes, additionally  the higher technical specifications than U-PVC pipes. Pipes are with valves, welding machine is not used to mountage them.

Apollo Pipes are an unique infrastructural products developed for safe water lines. Apollo which was developed for difficult conditions with its  increased impact resistance and strength presents the opportunity of using less joint part by means of flexible structure
Please get in touch with us in order to learn about apollo and  have apollo as soon as possible.