Manhole Corrugated Adaptor

Make Wavin’s Tegra PP manholes and inspection chambers the backbone of your public sewer system. They are easy to install and access, and offer low-maintenance and high-performance over the complete lifetime.


System Information

Versatile sewer layout

Tegra offers a wide range of base configurations for 425, 600 and 1000 mm risers. Use Tegra 1000 manholes when and where you need human access. Space Tegra 600 or Tegra 425 inspection chambers between them to provide all required accessibility for inspection and cleaning equipment.

Ball joint pipe adapters

Precise vertical or horizontal alignment of pipes is not critical as all Tegra bases have patented flexible ball joint pipe adapters. Wavin delivers dedicated versions for smooth wall or twin wall pipes. Combine with different flow configurations to handle any change in the flow line. Our collecting bases are available for both 45o and 90o side inlet angles.

Easy installation

Tegra bases have a flat bottom plate. This makes them easy to level and minimizes the deformation of the flow profile from ground water pressure. Because Tegra has flexible adapters, precise vertical or horizontal alignment is not critical.

Flexible and robust

Tegra corrugated shafts are easy to cut to the required length. They are light and easy to assemble into the base socket. Their corrugated design ensures the shaft adapts to movement of the surrounding soil. This reduces vertical loads on the base while keeping covers level with the surface.

Top solutions

Wavin offers a wide range of top solutions for Tegra manholes and chambers. Tegra 1000 and 600 are similar – with Tegra 1000 using an asymmetric cone to reduce the entry diameter to a standard 600 mm. You can hang an optional GRP ladder from the cone, securing it with a special strip near the base of the corrugated shaft.

What’s next?

Explore the extensive Tegra range and talk to Wavin design services about any specific project requirements. Wavin can also offer customized design and manufacture for manholes and chambers.

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