Speedy implementation under tough conditions

Zafer Airport – serving Western Anatolia

Zafer International Airport opened in November 2012 after a highly concentrated 18 month construction project. The new airport handles both domestic and international flights, making an essential contribution to the social and economic development of Turkey’s Western Anatolia region. With its 1.5 million passenger capacity, Zafer is already the country’s fourth busiest airport. Wavin QuickStream delivers effective rainwater management for all roof surfaces, and proved its ease of installation under exceptionally tough construction conditions.

Zafer operates from a single main terminal. During the construction of the roof, the project team faced exceptionally tough working conditions with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty.

The actual choice of roof drainage system and its subsequent implementation was not initially integrated with the architectural design. This meant that the chosen solution would need to be able to be efficiently installed as an entirely independent function.

Competing against other local providers, this was the first QuickStream project for Wavin in Turkey. Wavin won the bid thanks in part to the demonstrable versatility and effectiveness of the system, and in part thanks to the speed and precision of its design proposal and project plan.

Serving around 13,000 m2 of flat roofing on the terminal buildings, the Wavin rainwater management system is designed to handle 360 litres per hectare under standard conditions, and 370 litres under peak downpour. Of the 28 standard roof outlets, 22 are equipped with additional emergency capacity.

Wavin won the bid thanks to the speed and precision of its design proposal and project plan.

Because of the extremes in local weather conditions, all roof outlets are also fitted with integrated electric heaters, allowing normal dispersal during freezing conditions.

In addition to providing the design, project plan and all components, Wavin also managed the specialist on-site training for installation teams, needed to ensure that the project was completed on time and on budget.

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