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Wavin launches new BIM Revit packagesBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) is changing the way we design and construct. Driving this change for our industry, Wavin has created Revit content packages with integrated intelligent assistance.With this intelligent assistance you can reach an accurate installation model of a pipe system in BIM the fastest way possible. This new way of working will significantly reducing time spent on design. The Wavin Revit packages will allow users to reach a 100% accurate representation of the way piping systems will actually be installed; easily and without the use of product catalogues. The package also features a fully integrated Bill of Materials.Wavin connects you to better BIM models- Quickest way to a complete as-built pipe system
- Precise designs with intelligent assistance-
- Fully integrated Bill of Material

BIM Revit Packages

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Mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) based Wavin SiTech + is used in waste water systems. The system offers advanced robustness, low noise level and easy installation. During the water flow, the weight of the additional parts is increased by 20% in order to provide a more comfortable system than the acoustic pain. With its flexible connection...

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SiTech B1

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based Wavin SiTech B1 pipes are used in wastewater systems. The system offers advanced fire resistance, low noise level and easy installation features. With its flexible connection and tight fit, SiTech B1 offers a complete solution for waste water drainage in buildings.

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PPr Pilsa

Wavin’s PPR Pilsa range uses socket welding fittings for security and durability. You can choose from a comprehensive catalogue of fitting and pipes to meet the requirement of every job.

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Özhan Özer

Regional Sales & Above Ground Project Manager

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