For Wavin Turkey, sustainability has become a driver for value creation rather than a tool for image boosting and cost reduction. Our focus is shifting from internal activities and cost reduction strategies towards a focus on better products adding value to customers and end-users. Read more


In addition to our social efforts in the areas where we are present, Wavin also supports UNICEF with a programme called Providing Essentials for Children. Read more


As a company we take our responsibility in realising a sustainable supply chain. In the end we want to deliver products that meet our own sustainability demands and those of the customer, the government and society. Read more

Industry memberships

Wavin is a member of a number of associations and participates in numerous initiatives that focus on improving sustainability within our industry. Read more

Health Safety

We have been giving importance to the health, security of our employees and management of environment by working in conformity with the codes and the necessities of wavin Group and adobting the understanding of human at first. Read more
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