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UNIQ Cultural Center Ayazağa

UNIQ İstanbul which is located in the most important financial and commercial center of İstanbul will  also take Leed Certification due to environmentally friendly and energy-saving applications in buildings in a green environment. This complex consists of four main blocks in total business, arts, culture and entertainment offers life together. This complex incorporates closed area of 75.000m2 in total and 25.000m2 over the green, gravel and roof terrace, has preferred Wavin for siphonic rain water drain system.

The important thing for UNIQ Ayazağa project was to respond quickly to the needs of the construction. Their first opening was in June 2014 with multipurpose hall where concerts are held. The project changes in different roof types and areas were adopted to the siphonic system successfully with experienced Wavin crew.

Investor and mechanical contractor had been demanding to go on with solution partners that can provide quality services and fast delivery time in this challenging process. The materials defined after design revisions, were delivered to the site as planned. During all installation processes, coordinated actions were performed and the system started to work just after the system tests.

Wavin has complied with fast changes in projects and has applied required changes in project for siphonic system without failure the construction site.
Project Designer

A total number of 165 stainless steel metal siphonic system outlets, in accordance with membrane insulation, have been used at buildings of shopping center, office, concert hall and education center.  Using fully metal outlets makes the system more resistant to the sun exposure. On the other hand  the outlets have been taken under the protection by appropriate shafts at areas incorporating green roof.

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