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Maltepe Carrefour Park Shopping Center

While the first stage entered service in 2005, Maltepe Carrefour Park opened its doors again on September 5, 2014 with the second phase of the 44,000 square meters of retail space, 75,000 square meters in total. The main problem was that during the building of the second stage, first phase areas were continuing to serve to the people. That’s why serious quickness and compliance with scheduled delivery time was required. In the second phase with a total area of 25.000m2 roof, Wavin products was preferred for rainwater collection systems.

Maltepe Carrefour Park which is a major shopping center for Anatolian side of Istanbul after the first stage was opened in 2005, has started to build second stage to meet the growing demand. Start of construction of the second stage, while the first stage continuing to serve customers, has made difficulties for coordination of the construction area and velocity of the manufacturing.

Investor and mechanical contractor had been demanding to go on with solution partners that can provide quality services and fast delivery time in this challenging process. They preferred to use Wavin products at the newly built 25,000 m2 roof area for rain water collection system. Firstly, siphonic system projects were worked with application projects via redesign by trained technical staff. The materials defined after design process, were delivered to the site as planned. During all installation processes, coordinated actions were performed and the system started to work just after the system test trials.

Wavin has accompanied to investor and mechanical contractor with fast procurement method and quality service in this process
Proje Müdürü

Maltepe Carrefour Park has started to service on September 2014, come up with completion of all manufacturing. Wavin has accompanied to invester and mechanical contractor with fast procurement method and quality service in this process.

A total number of 92 stainless steel metal siphonic system outlets, in accordance with bitumen insulation, have been used at administration building and electronic market building with green roof in addition to shopping center.  Using fully metal outlets makes the system more resilient to the sun exposure.

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