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35. Sokak Residential Project

Aksan Yapı has been realized a big residential project with 200 million TL investment  in İzmir on 130.000m2 area in last year November. This project brings many solutions regarding to earthquake problem. Also neighbourly relations are considered by offering a detached life. By offering some innovates to building sector it becomes more environment friendly residential project. Thanks to Wavin Sitech low noise system,  the residents get chance to live in silent, comfortable and peaceful houses.

By offering 5 different house types, 35. Sokak is the first and compotent project that applied for the Breeam Certification.  For a sustainable future, Turkey’s first Breeam certified habitant project has been developed innovative and effective solutions to provide people maximum comfort, safety and environmental awareness.

For the comfort purpose Aksan Yapı has come together with Wavin. After the some meetings Aksan Yapı has decided to use Wavin Sitech low noise system in their soil and waste system. Three-layered Wavin Sitech has prevented the unwanted noises due to its special formula in mid-layer.

Thanks to Wavin Sitech low noise system the residents get chance to live in silent, comfortable and peaceful houses.
Proje Müdürü

When designing waste water system, DIN 4109 is taken as reference. According to this norm the maxium sound level is allowed to be 30 dB(A) in the building..
Wavin Sitech has provided 18 dB(A)  sound level at 4 L/s flowrate which was tested on basement. In order to get this value it has been avoided from sudden chance in pipe installation. Also rather than use 90° elbows in basement, 2 pcs 45°   elbows are recommended in horizontal due to provide soft turns. Lastly rubber pipe clamps that completely surrounds pipes are used in installation to fixation.

Wavin provided quick delivery to site by having big warehouses in Istanbul and Adana and big distrubiton networks among Turkey. Hence besides its acoustics advantages Wavin showed its power when delivering items in just on time.

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