Unicef Partnership

In addition to our social efforts in the areas where we are present, Wavin also supports UNICEF with a programme called Providing Essentials for Children.

The latest project under the Providing Essentials for Children partnership takes place in Bhutan where UNICEF and Wavin will provide water and sanitation and improve hygiene practices in Bhutanese schools.

When completed, the project will have provided sanitation facilities for around 5,000 children at nearly 40 schools. Water facilities will be built at 26 schools and 4 schools will receive rainwater harvesting systems. To safeguard the program’s long-term effectiveness various people (including teachers and health coordinators) will receive training to improve knowledge and practices related to health, nutrition and hygiene.

Wavin supports the project with products, expertise and money. Wavin and UNICEF expect to achieve the same positive results in Bhutan as it has in the previous projects.

Wavin and UNICEF have been active partners since 2005, providing essentials such as fresh drinking water and sanitation to children all over the world. The first project was carried out in Mali, Africa. In four years Wavin’s products, systems and know-how and UNICEFs organisational and educational skills helped improve sanitation for over 43,000 children at 165 schools. In 2008

Wavin and UNICEF embarked on a similar project in Papua New Guinea. The result was access to safe water supply, sanitation and hygiene in 28 primary schools and 21 rural health clinics. All in all 23,000 people, including 13,000 children, benefitted.

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