Pipes and fittings

The series of PE-RT pipes is the professional's choice for underfloor heating systems; it is preferred by plumbing contractors who demand high quality as well as fast and easy installation.


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System Information

Long life

Plastic heating pipes, including PE-RT for use in buildings, are designed for a life expectancy of 50 years when subjected to a defined pattern of use, which presupposes constant pressure and fluctuating temperatures over the expected 50 year period. The pipes are resistant to the most commonly used antifreeze fluids.

Easy installation

Both pipe systems distinguish themselves by being easy to install. Pro3 is our programme of standard pipes, and through the use of a slightly different raw material, Soft is a softer pipe that is easier to bend and work with during installation.

What’s next?

Wavin underfloor heating systems are a comprehensive solution. Read more about our product range of shunts, distribution pipes or controls.

Oxygen barrier

PE-RT Pro3 and PE-RT Soft are both 3-layer pipes with an integral oxygen barrier. The oxygen barrier meets the requirements for maximum oxygen penetration in DIN 4726. 5 layer Barrier Pipes in Polybutylene and Metal-Plastic construction are also available.