Wavin Revit BIM Packages

With the Revit packages from Wavin you can easily and without a catalog make a 100% accurate design. In addition, you save a lot of time in the design phase with the unique built-in intelligence.

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Pressfit Tigris K1

When carrying drinking water, the pipe is only as good as the joint. Wavin offers a complete range of reliable, corrosion and encrustation-resistant plastic press-fittings and multilayer PEXc/Al pipes between 16-63 mm. Our Tigris K1 range delivers on quality, durability and value.

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Wavin AS

When low noise is a building requirement, the Wavin AS system provides the best performance of any plastic pipe. As the world leader, it is the most frequently installed low noise system. Wavin offers advanced tools for noise prediction too, helping ensure your choices meet the required sound level.

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Pushfit Hep2O

Wavin Hep2O combines flexible polybutylene pipes with demountable push-fit fittings. For building and refurbishment projects using a combination of different plumbing systems Hep2O fittings can also easily connect with copper pipes, giving maximum flexibility.

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PE Soil Waste

When looking for a fused system, choose our Wavin PE soil and waste system. It offers secure and durable connections, and a range of thirteen diameters up to 400 mm. We can prefabricate sections for you too, for faster and easier installation on site.

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PPr Ekoplastik

Use the Wavin PPR Ekoplastik system when you prefer an all plastic joint or when you need larger pipe diameters. PPR Ekoplastik offers a maximum pipe diameter of 125 mm. Pipes and fittings are connected using a homogeneous fusion system, for a secure and permanent bond.

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Wavin SiTechPlus

We have increased the weight of the fittings by 20% to offer improved acoustic comfort during water flow. Use SiTech+ when you need a system with increased robustness, low-noise properties and improved ease of installation.

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PPr Pilsa

Use the Wavin PPR Pilsa system when you want to connect components with a secure homogeneous weld. PPR Pilsa offers a maximum pipe diameter of 125 mm and an extensive range of components to meet every installation requirement.

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