Transporting waste water from domestic, commercial and industrial buildings to treatment plants demands reliable and durable systems. You need to safeguard both human health and the environment – and do so at acceptable cost.

Pressure Sewer

When gravity-fed sewage transport is not possible because the gradient is insufficient or negative, you need an alternative. Wavin’s PE pressure sewage systems will do the job.

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Gravity Sewer

Collecting sewage from the houses via a gravity system is the most common way of sewage discharge. Wavin offers you a complete range of PVC, PP and PE pipes, smooth and structured wall pipes and associated fittings with secure push-fit joints for gravity sewage.

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Inspect Chambers

When in gravity sewer schemes the direction or diameters change or where multiple lines discharge to one outlet pipe, an inspection chamber is needed. Wavin inspection chambers and manholes also provide access for inspection and cleaning.

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