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How it all began

Wavin's story begins in 1950s in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The local water utility found itself battling against serious (iron) pipe corrosion and a significant loss of water. Company founder Johan Keller decided that something needed to be done urgently; he succeeded in producing the world’s first plastic pressure pipes for potable water. The Wavin company was founded to focus solely on plastic pipe production.

The World's First

Wavin is now a global leader in the supply of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Since the 1950s, we have built an unrivalled reputation for continuous innovation, intelligent problem-solving, dedicated technical support and the highest standards. 

The world does not stand still. Wavin has always been looking ahead – and innovating. These are our breakthrough innovations that changed the way installers and contractors work. These are Wavin’s first-in-the-world innovations.

1. The World's First....low-noise system for waste water

People want the plumbing in their buildings to be silent. When low noise is a building requirement, the Wavin AS system gives the best performance of any plastic pipe.


2. The World's First....storm water infiltration units

The Wavin infiltration units were the answer to a growing demand to handle peaks in rainfall and to better control rainwater discharge. Wavin infiltration units attenuate rainwater and can have it slowly discharge into the surrounding soil.

3. The World's First....PPSU pressfit fitting system

Wavin Tigris K1 plastic press-fittings are made from high-performance PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) performing well in even the most challenging water conditions. These systems banish corrosion concern, delivering long-life performance at competitive cost.

4. The World's First....industrial manufactured plastic manholes & chambers

Wavin’s Tegra manholes and inspection chambers are easy to install, easy to access, versatile and durable, making these the ideal choice for all public sewer systems.

5. The World's First....cleanable infiltration unit

With Wavin Q-Bic plastic units you can build underground tanks quickly and easily. These units are suitable for both attenuation and infiltration of rainwater. Wavin Q-Bic is designed for trouble-free inspection and cleaning – ensuring maximum long-term performance. Each unit has generous 500 mm access channels for video inspection and cleaning.

6. The World's First....multi-layer PE pipe with outer protection layer

Wavin TS DOQ is a co-extruded three-layer PE 100-RC pressure pipe. The outer layer protects the pipe against surface damages. Use Wavin’s TS DOQ range when you seek maximum safety. It is the best-selling PE 100-RC system in the world.

7. The World's First....plastic pushfit system for potable water

Wavin’s Hep2O pushfit range connects as easily to flexible polybutylene pipe as it does to copper, due to its intelligent pushfit technology. Its exceptional reliability is the result of four decades’ experience.

8. The World's First....high performance PPr system

The new Ekoplastik PPr Fiber Basalt pipe uses innovative materials to real advantage. The new generation P-RCT material gives the pipe an increased resistance to higher temperatures and high pressure. The basalt fibers add to the benefits by reducing thermal expansion.